Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kapil, stop embarrassing your fans ( I am sure there are a few )


I wasn't born when India won the 1983 world cup and I was too young to understand cricket when Kapil was playing. Maybe that is the reason why I dont respect him as much as those who have seen him do. But the same can be said about many "experts". I have always wondered why they dont irritate me as much as Kapil does when he says something stupid.

I think the main reason is his inconsistency. He is never consistent with his views. One day he wants seniors out of the team, next day he is against seniors resting. He criticizes Sachin and the next day he wants Bharat Ratna for him..

The reason why I am wasting my time writing about him is because of what he said the day before on a hindi news channel. He wanted Sachin to play in the T20 world cup. No problem. Many fans want him to do that.. But what he reportedly said (I dont watch most news channels.. I got this info from Twitter) about Sachin playing IPL but not T20 world cup is really stupid. Even by Kapil's standards.

He is playing very well in the IPL. There is no reason why he cannot perform for India

Kapil, if you were following cricket recently, Sachin has been performing for India. Just not in T20s. That is because he, along with other seniors had decided long ago that they wont be playing this format. I am sure you knew that because you didn't make a noise last two years. Sachin didn't play the first two T20 world cups but he was a part of IPL1 and 2. Were you sleeping then?

Oh.. Kapil sure was not sleeping. Who can forget that video where Kapil danced with the Aaj Tak guys when India won the T20 world cup!! Those who missed that, check this out :

He didn't seem to miss Sachin much then.. Why now? An ex-ICL guy questioning why a player is playing IPL but not T20 international doesnt somehow sound right.

If Kapil had been watching cricket recently, he would know that it is not batting but bowling where India is weak.. especially in T20s. So why didn't he ask Kumble to play T20 world cup? He too is playing IPL right?

But no. And I am not surprised. Kapil has always tried to get into the news by saying something or the other about Sachin. This is a good example.

"I wouldn't like somebody pushing him out. Whenever he calls it a day, may be two years or five years from now, he should go with grace and we should love him for that."

wow!! such a change!!

and the worst ever :

"Sachin has big records to his name but until he wins matches for India in these conditions, people will raise fingers at him,"

after all these years, if he feels Sachin has not won India matches in tough conditions, nothing will convince him. Even a Sachin century in T20 finals. Sachin should not bother about what Kapil says. His fans certainly dont :)


Tejas March 27, 2010 at 3:05 AM

He he.. I am a fan of Kapil dev for his ability of cricket. He did really well to take all the youngsters to take interests by winning the WC '83. I am one of them. I would say even Sachin must be inspired to play cricket after Kapil and Sunny's heroics.

Point is .. he is inconsistent with the view. He tells something today and will say something different tomorrow. Kapil is still legend to comment about Sachin but it amuses me when Maninders, Sanjus manjus, Malhotras, Lals etc.. comment on Sachin's batting techniques and shot selections. Sachin has won us many matches with bowl (not counting with bats) than those so called experts.

Anyway Keep it up lazy superstar.. u rock with your comments..

Soulberry March 27, 2010 at 12:34 PM

Kapil was an original article - the original Mr.Cricketer who could do everything right on the field and little off it. He is also the original, uncut version of Sehwag the press conversationalist. Viru has the advantage of polish provided by the time and circumstance we live in. Kapil was actually Tarzan dressed as Greystoke when it came to press speech. It was great fun to hear him speak.

Must say he is very polished now.

Kapil deserves the respect and adulation for his cricket and a few of his non-cricketing taits.

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